Dance with Birth is a breathtaking birth story that invites you into the inner experience of a woman in labour. A journey through the contractions. A journey towards a new life. A story worth sharing. To support every woman on earth in her own birth.
The movie project started as a private project. Tamara had in mind that the movie would be for our remembering and to be able to share the birth story with our son. But when she spoke about it with her partner (Vincent), she realized it could become a real movie; a resource to support other women on their journey. Vincent recorded the birth from the first contraction. When Tamara had the time and energy after the first months as a mother, we started editing. As we worked on it and Tamara shared the birth story and her inner experience with others, we noticed a lot of excitement in the people who were listening. We realized that what we were creating was rare and that it could be something that would be a contribution from us to the world. That it could support women to step into labour connected to their inner wisdom and strength.
Tamara had shared my birth story with others many times and had written down her inner experience. The recordings of this experience became the voice over for the movie. In this way, we created a film where the birth is visible and audible from the outside, and one can also experience Tamara's inner world when she was in labour. Friends and other mothers supported us with translation. We are now sharing the movie with the world. We hope that it will be a resource for your work supporting women in their journey through birth.
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